Most Popular Procedures:

Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery? The decision to change the way you look through Cosmetic Surgery takes careful consideration. At The Harley Medical Group we specialise in helping women make the right choice for them.

Most Popular Procedures:

At The Harley Medical Group we understand that wanting to look good doesn't mean that you want to give up your masculinity. Our Cosmetic Surgery procedures will help you to feel good and to give you the look that you want so you can face life with confidence.

Most Popular Treatments:

We offer you the most comprehensive range of treatments and ensure we're working to the highest standards of patient care, clinical governance and safety. With us you can be confident that you'll be cared for responsibly, professionally and ethically.

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The Harley Medical Group is one of the leading Cosmetic Surgery and Laser & Skin Treatment providers in the UK.

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The Harley Medical Group is proud to be registered with Treatments You Can Trust

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0% Finance on Treatment Packages

With 0% finance on all beauty packages this August, why choose between a bikini and a beauty treatment when you can have both?

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Skin Care Centre

Have you visited our Skin Care Centre

We’ve created this skin care hub to provide you with advice and support from our exports for all of your skin concerns and complaints.

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Safe Sport in the Sun

We don't know about you, but we are certainly feeling inspired by the Olympic buzz to get fit and healthy - especially now the summer has arrived. You may not be in beautiful Rio this year but you still need to protect yourself in the sun... and our guide tells you how.

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Don't neglect your skin!

When the sun is out it's easy to forget how fundamental a good skin care regime is, but in the summer it's more important then ever! Visit our shop to ensure you have all of your essentials.

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Are Dermal Fillers right for you? Our Consultant Dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall answers your questions.

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Our Exclusive Summer Specials

We are celebrating summer with some exclusive offers. With up 35% off all skin peels and over £200 off selected packages you won't want to miss out!

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Nose Reshaping

Cara Shared Her Nose Reshaping Story

"Having a new nose has made such a huge difference to my confidence. I no longer have a 'good' side in pictures, no more bad hair days, even my make up seems to look better. "

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Men Have Treatments & Procedures Too.

Contrary to popular belief cosmetic treatments and procedures are not just for women. Men account for almost 10% of all cosmetic procedures in the UK. We explain why.

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