There is nothing more important to us than you.

We want to ensure that you are happy at every stage of your journey, and if you're not we want to know why and what we can do to improve. Our clinic teams are always available to listen to you, whether your comments are good or bad, they record the details of every communication they receive and report it. Then we use this information to identify areas for improvement across the Group, to ensure we continue to provide the best service with the highest standards of care.

If you have any queries please call us or email us:

0330 838 4292

If you wish to make a COMPLAINT

If you are still unsatisfied after speaking to your clinic directly please read our complaints policy below.

The Harley Medical Group aims to provide all patients with the highest standards of care and customer service. If we fail to achieve this we listen carefully and respond to complaints swiftly acknowledging any mistakes and rectifying them so that we can make improvements to our service.

We know there is always room for improvement which is why we:

  • Listen to your complaints and resolve these wherever possible when you first contact us
  • Look at the root causes of our complaints and the impact for our customers, so we can fix the underlying problems
  • Look at all the different interactions our clients have with us, so we can make their whole experience better

Should you feel that you would like to make a more formal complaint please see our guidelines on our terms and conditions page.

Please Click Here for Our Complaints Form

Please click here for our Complaints Form

The Care Quality Commission

The Harley Medical Group is proud to be registered with The Care Quality Commission.

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. They monitor, inspect and regulate clinics and facilities to ensure fundamental standards of quality and safety are met. Their aim is to guarantee that people are treated with high-quality care in a safe, effective, compassionate environment.

The Care Quality Commission’s independent position allows them to publish their findings, without bias, to assist the general public make the best decision regarding their care.

The Harley Medical Group highly recommends only visiting clinics and facilities who are registered with the Care Quality Commission

Click for more information about the Care Quality Commission

If you would you have any feedback for the CQC then please click the link below and then use the online contact form


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