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Septorhinoplasty Surgery

Septorhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure through which the cartilage and bone in the septum and other areas of the nose are straightened, with the aim of removing obstructions and improving airflow in the nasal cavities.

As well as maintaining or improving airways, a septorhinoplasty can also correct the outer shape of the nose and address any existing crookedness.

Septorhinoplasty is often combined with a rhinoplasty to further straighten and improve the shape of the nose. The treatment differs from septoplasty, which treats deviated septums alone.

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The Procedure

A septorhinoplasty operation can be thought of as a reconstructive plastic surgery procedure to correct breathing difficulties associated with the shape of the nose.

Septorhinoplasty therefore involves a dual approach through both septoplasty, which straightens the nasal septum, and rhinoplasty, which corrects the external shape of the nose.  Incisions are made to the outer and inner nose, allowing the surgeon to remove or reposition bone and cartilage.

The procedure usually takes up to two and a half hours. Following septorhinoplasty, patients can expect swelling inside the nose for several weeks. Breathing difficulties should be overcome within two to three weeks. Most patients can usually return to work earlier, typically within one to two weeks.

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The Benefits

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Considerable improved in nose aesthetics and function
  • Easy breathing when exercising and speaking
  • Sleeping more comfortably
  • Reduced nose size and sculpted shape
  • Restored facial balance
  • Full aftercare packages and finance options available

Septorhinoplasty is the only way to correct a crooked septum, however, it's important to know that an attractive appearance is often about balance and symmetry.

The Harley Medical Group's highly qualified surgeons and nursing staff can help you decide whether surgery is the best way of achieving your goals.

Septorhinoplasty Recovery & Aftercare

After surgery, the main goal is to enable fast healing and reduce swelling. This can be achieved effectively by wearing the splint consistently for two weeks immediately post-operation. Following this, the swelling can be reduced by applying tapes at night.

Your doctor will prescribe you with the correct anti-swelling medication and painkillers. In addition to taking medication, you should cool the cheek area daily using a wet compress. Maintain your upper body in an elevated position to allow blood flow and promote correct breathing.

Avoid bending over or carrying and lifting heavy objects, as well as engaging in workouts or other spots activities. Usually, most patients can return to their normal within one to two weeks post-surgery.

Risks & Complications

Although medical risks and complications after septorhinoplasty are very rare, undergoing any type of procedure carries different risks. You may experience secondary bleeding, which should be raised with your doctor. Nasal swelling will typically subside within the first few weeks.

Breathing improves and the sense of smell and taste returns to normal. The scars usually heal fully, without leaving any visible marks; Bruising is likely to occur around the eyes, but will fully subside within two weeks. Minor swelling can be experienced for up to a year post-surgery.

Septorhinoplasty Examples

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    rhinoplasty after
  • rhinoplasty before
    rhinoplasty after
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Frequently Asked Questions

Septorhinoplasty operation takes about two to three hours and can be performed on an outpatient basis. An inpatient stay is available in cases of more complex surgery or increased risk. Following the procedure, the nose is fitted with tapes and a thermoplastic splint. The surgeon may also insert silicone splints into the nose.

During your operation, the surgeon will use one of the septorhinoplasty techniques to correct your nose issue. Depending on the condition of the nose and the reason for the procedure, this operation can be performed either open or closed.

During closed septorhinoplasty, incisions are made within the nose entrances.

Open septorhinoplasty involves another incision made at the bridge of the nose, the connection between the tip of the nose and the upper lip. The open technique allows for a more detailed view, and the surgeon can perform septorhinoplasty with greater precision. There may be a small scar left but this will fade completely in time.

The third technique is called preservation rhinoplasty and it is best known for modernising an old procedure by turning it into a gentle surgical technique. Preservation rhinoplasty requires the nose to be corrected from the inside, without surgically altering the integrity of the entire bridge of the nose.

No, we are unable to offer any surgery while you are pregnant or breast feeding. However, please contact us 6 months after giving birth or after breast feeding and talk to our friendly advisors to discuss next steps.

It is important that your decision to have a nose surgery procedure is considered carefully.

There are some possible risks, as with all surgical operations, which your cosmetic surgeon will talk through and explain to you at your consultation. This is your opportunity to discuss your intended surgery in order for the surgeon to ascertain your expectations as to what can realistically be achieved.

Every surgeon who performs septorhinoplasty or any other type of nose surgery for The Harley Medical Group belongs to a relevant professional organisation, is fully accredited to practice in the UK as a specialist in plastic surgery, and has specific training and experience in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Our nurses advise that you consider the following things before your surgery:

  • Child care and post surgery activities including sleeping arrangements
  • That you have the necessary post-operative garments
  • The downtime required to rest and stay away from your usual activities
  • The lifespan of your results

Our plastic surgeons are among the most skilled, qualified and experienced in the UK cosmetic surgery field and our fully qualified nurses are specially selected for their expertise and approachability. It is your body, so naturally you will want to place it in safe and trusted hands.



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