Incisions can be made for a variety of reasons, and are typically entry points through which surgeons can extract abnormal tissues or foreign bodies or, alternatively, insert implants. Incisions are usually small to minimise trauma, and can be closed with sutures or surgical staples which are removed once the incision has been given time to heal naturally.

Incisions that take longer to heal may result in a visible scar.
Incisions in cosmetic surgery

Invasive cosmetic surgery procedures typically involve incisions, if they are not procedures using keyhole surgery techniques.

For treatments such as liposuction, surgeons make very small incisions to facilitate the removal of excess fatty tissue in combination with a vacuum and cannula. For treatments such as a face lift, surgeons make incisions to draw skin tissue closer together.

Where possible, cosmetic surgeons aim to hide the appearance of incisions by making them along the body's natural contours or inside areas such as the mouth.

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