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Light Up Instagram With Glow In The Dark Hair

2015 was the year of wild and wacky hair trends, with the likes of rainbow hair, galaxy shades and ombre gracing the heads of many. But the fabulous hair trend doesn’t stop there because this year, glow in the dark hair is having its moment. Yes, you read that right – glow in the dark hair is here and it’s exploded in popularity on social media, particularly Instagram.

But what exactly is glow in the dark hair, and how can you get it? We reveal all.

Glow in the dark hair? What’s that all about?

The hair trend du jour, glow in the dark hair has actually been around since the 1970s courtesy of US-based dye brand Manic Panic. The company is famed for its ultraviolet reactive hair dyes which are vegan and free from animal testing – and come in a range of shades including Siren’s Song (aqua), Electric Lizard (green), Hot Hot Pink, and more.

Despite its 40 plus years existence, it wasn’t until recently that the trend really peaked with fans looking to take the rainbow hair trend of 2015 to the next level. And what better way to impress with your hair than glow in the dark neon highlights?

Who do I look to for inspiration?

Glow in the dark hair is all over Instagram with the likes of Megan McCay (RainbowMegz) and makeup artist Mishele Di Maria (MisheleDiMariaDesigns) leading the way.

Will my hair actually glow in the dark?

Also known as blacklight hair, you’ll need to be stood under a UV light for the colours to light up. The trick is to expose your hair to natural light for as long as possible to make it pop. While it won’t simply glow in any dark room, your hair will still look vibrant.

What will my hair look like during the daytime?

It’s all well and good having hair that glows brightly under UV light but what about during the day? You’ll be pleased to hear that your hair will still be beautifully rainbow while you’re out and about in the daytime. And of course, you don’t have to opt for bright colours – it looks like pastels and metallic hues will be popular this year.

Where will my hair look the best?

With this trend, you certainly won’t be out of place at a festival or a 90s rave – so if you’re a fan and you’re looking for something edgy to make you stand out, we definitely recommend this hair trend. If you’re feeling brave, go as bright as you can. For a softer, more feminine look, why not try pastel pink shades.

How should I style my hair for maximum impact?

Make a statement by using up to four shades of UV reactive dyes, then simply plait your hair. This trend looks great on longer hair but it’s equally fabulous if you’re having a lazy hair day as the colour does all the talking.

Do I need to bleach my hair first?

Like all bright hair colours, this trend works best on those with blonde hair. However, the dye can be applied to natural or bleached hair with experts recommending you choose up to four colours for a striking look. For best results, brunettes and redheads should bleach hair first.

How long does the dye last?

You can expect your colour to last between three and six weeks. You can prolong the results and keep your hair looking its best by regularly using conditioner. Use sulphate-free shampoo when washing and try to do so as infrequently as possible. Rinse your hair with cold water to prevent fading and to make hair shine. The glow effect lessens as the colour fades which is ideal if you’re eager to try out a new shade.

Can I dye my hair at home?

While at-home dye is possible, it’s always recommended to visit a professional for best results. If you do decide to go down the D.I.Y route, here’s how you can achieve the look yourself…

  • Always do a strand test taking a small section of hair from behind your ear to test the dye.
  • Be sure to wear gloves to prevent your hands from becoming stained and comb your hair before applying the dye so every stand is evenly coated.
  • Leave the dye in for about half an hour, or longer for a more striking look.
  • Rinse with cold water then expose your hair to natural light before heading to a UV-lit room to witness it in all its glowing glory.
  • The verdict

    Not tempted yet? Here are some of our favourite glow in the dark hair looks. We think you’ll agree, they’re pretty amazing.

    What’s your opinion on glow in the dark hair? Totally fabulous or not worth bothering with? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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