1 in 10 Brits considering Cosmetic Surgery

1 in 10 Brits considering Cosmetic Surgery

10 September 2015

If you’re considering Cosmetic Surgery to enhance your appearance then you’re certainly not alone! In fact, according to a recent survey by the TV show ‘This Morning’, as many as 1 in 10 British people are considering having some sort of procedure for ascetic reasons.

Cosmetic Surgery can have a hugely positive impact on the confidence and self-esteem of patients. Though the program also warned viewers about the importance of having cosmetic procedures at a licensed medical clinic and only ever by trained medical professionals – after one in ten respondents who had, had Cosmetic Surgeries reported they were ‘extremely dissatisfied’ with the results.

‘This Morning’ put the large number of unhappy patients down to a dramatic increase in British people going over-seas for Cosmetic Surgery – the number has risen by 109% in the past two years! Lured in by cheaper prices, many patients are falling victim to rushed procedures and minimal aftercare from foreign clinics. A Cosmetic Surgeon on the program said he sees as many as two botched cases from overseas surgeries every month.

Altering your appearance is never a decision to be taken lightly, and when considering Cosmetic Surgery it’s important you think about the best medical care as well as price.

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Image credit: Piotr Marcinski/ Shutterstock