2014’s most popular Anti-Ageing treatments

19 December 2014

Our resistance to growing visibly older has contributed to a soar in the number of Anti-Ageing treatments undertaken in 2014. This year has truly been a time for more of the less-invasive treatments to shine, with many patients looking for similar results to Cosmetic Surgery but without the cost, downtime and recovery period.


Here are the top Anti-Ageing treatments of 2014:

Lobe Lift

As we age, our collagen levels deplete, which can result in sagging and loss of volume – and for women who wear especially heavy earrings, this can be a fairly big concern. Lobe Lifts help to reshape the ear and use a laser first to change the shape of the lobe, followed by a Dermal Filler to help plump the lobe once it has healed.

Skin Tightening

Age also brings a loss of elasticity which can transform once tight, firm skin into skin that looks thin. A Skin Tightening treatment can help to boost circulation, increase the production of collagen and tighten the skin and is suitable for use on legs, arms and stomach.

Super Facial

Years ago, women booked a facial simply to de-stress. Nowadays, Super Facials are non-invasive solutions to help improve the appearance of skin, counteracting redness, age spots and loss of elasticity.


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