How much can you tell about your lifestyle from your face?

Before and after wrinkle treatmentsDoctors are warning that regardless of how your body looks your face will tell the true tale of your lifestyle. Even if you can maintain a trim figure with minimum gym time and little attention to your diet, activities like drinking wine every night can show through elsewhere.“You can tell a lot about someone’s lifestyle from their face, including what their diet is like and how much they smoke or drink,” says Dr Tabi Leslie, dermatologist and spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation. According to cosmetic surgeon Dr Michael Prager, he is treating increasing numbers of women whose faces have experienced the rough end of a nightly wine habit. He said: “They often say to me: ‘My mother looked so well at my age, I don’t understand why I look so much older’ – I tell them it’s probably because their mother didn’t drink so much.” Experts at the University of Manchester say you can tell what caused certain wrinkles just by looking at them. Fine, shallow wrinkles occur with age, but coarse, deeper wrinkles tend to be from the sun. Thinner skin also means the face is more vulnerable to harmful rays. The obvious sign is where hair will protect the forehead, so it’s the areas under the eyes that are most affected.