Acid attack victim tells how her ordeal opened her mind to Cosmetic Surgery

25 November 2013

Woman looking at face in compactKatie Piper, the beauty therapist and part-time model who infamously suffered an acid attack at the hands of an ex-boyfriend in a London street, has talked about her latest project – a TV show in which she advises people considering undergoing cosmetic procedures themselves. And she says she feels qualified for the role on the six-part series Undo Me, because "I have that life experience to be able to relate to living in a body that you don’t feel matches the person you are inside." Ms Piper, who had a Breast Augmentation procedure to aid her career a few years before her tragic incident, now works part-time for a charity which counsels burns victims, after having counselling herself to help her get over her own injuries.Her latest, and proudest, assignment though, is modelling for Marks & Spencer, which she told the Daily Mail's Liz Jones, she really enjoyed. And she told how she is now philosophical about getting older herself: "Yes, I have scars, but other people have cellulite and thread veins. But I am careful: I wear factor 50 all the time. "I use high-end products, as my skin gets quite dry. You are supposed to massage scar tissue to stop it getting tight, so I do that too." She also reveals how, on the long, slow road to rebuilding her face, and her life, she has undergone more than 200 cosmetic procedures to help erase the effects of her attack. And looking back on her attack, she says: "I don’t have regrets, because I’m happy now. I know other bad things will happen to me. I have moved on."