Angelina Jolie’s 30-minute Anti-Ageing secret

Angelina Jolie’s 30-minute Anti-Ageing secret

6 May 2015

We’re completely envious of Angelina Jolie’s flawless skin – but how does she do it? We’ve found out the 39-year-old’s Anti-Ageing secret.

The star is a huge fan of the Triad treatment, which is a combination of Medical Microdermabrasion, Laser treatment and Skin Peel, and leaves skin looking rejuvenated, refreshed, and more youthful looking.

It’s reported that Naomi Watts is also a fan of the 30-minute Anti-Ageing treatment, which works by removing the top layers of the patient’s skin and sloughing away the dead skin cells, leaving behind a smooth, clear complexion.

In addition to regular treatments, Angelina also advocates regular application of sunscreen as well as a more natural look when it comes to makeup, allowing her skin to breathe.

And that’s not all. Angelina takes great care to lead a healthy lifestyle, eating steamed fish, soup and fresh vegetables on a daily basis. A combination of yoga, palates and kick-boxing not only keeps her fit, but ensures her skin glows with health.

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