Anti-Ageing by numbers: what you need to do and when

Anti-Ageing by numbers: what you need to do and when

12 November 2015

An effective anti-ageing regime is all about timing! Start to think about the best cosmetics and treatments sooner rather than later and your skin will tank you in years to come.

But there’s a delicate balance to strike, using heavy moisturising products too early can lead to congestion and clogged pores but too little moisture and exfoliation will leave your complexion looking dull, dry and lined.

So here’s a quick guide to the best anti-ageing cosmetics and treatments for every age.

  • 20s

Breakouts are often still a problem in your 20s, so good skin care is all about cleansing. The number one skincare sin for 20-somethings  is sleeping in your make-up– no matter how tried you are, you must wash your face before bed! Leaving your make-up on over-night will lead to blocked pores and a build-up of blemish causing oil and bacteria.

To give your complexion a really deep clean, try an exfoliating treatment like Microdermabrasion. This will remove the top layers of dead skin from your face and clean deep into your pores leaving your face looking brighter and clear.

  • 30s

Collagen production slows significantly in your 30s, so fines lines and wrinkles will start to show. But don’t panic, if you’re diligent about dealing with these fine lines now there appearance can be significantly improved. Look out for cosmetics containing Vitamin C to help boost collagen production and opt for regular Non Surgical Treatments like the Dermal Roller, which helps boost collagen production.

  • 40s

Depleting levels of collagen can mean deeper wrinkles and enlarged pores in your 40s, so hydration and plumping will be your main concerns. Use cosmetics containing Retinol to boost collagen levels and fill prominent wrinkles with injectables like Botox or Dermal Fillers to smooth your complexion.

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Image credit: wavebreakmedia/ Shutterstock