30 July 2013

Mans face being treated by cosmetic surgeonAn increasing number of women are paying for surgery to make their husband look better on their arm, according to data from a high end dating agency and a cosmetic surgery clinic. Founder of agency Berkeley International, Mairead Molloy, said: Now appearance, or finding a person who takes care and pride in the way they look, is at the top of the wish list for women.We have, over time, certainly noticed a big increase in the number of women who list appearance as a top priority for them. One clinic reported that 30 per cent of male patients were encouraged under the knife by their partner. Hair transplants and body sculpting techniques were top of the list of treatments. UK-based hair transplant expert Dr Raghu Reddy said a growing number of men are searching for a solution to keep their partners happy: The majority of the male patients I treat for hair loss explain that it is actually the opinions of their partner that they are most concerned with. He added: And while most tell me that their wives or girlfriends are happy to support their decision, some go a step further and tell me that it is their partners who are actually paying for their procedure to rectify a receding hair line or balding patch.