13 February 2014

Stretch marks on thighA widespread misconception about scars is its a blanket term used to describe any change in skin tone or colour, when in fact a scar is technically identified by a raised or sunken texture to the skin. That's one of seven myths addressed by an article by the team of experts from Everydayhealth.com. Specifically, the article also points out that the discolouration left behind after an Acne breakout is not in fact scarring. Rather, it's caused by deeper pigmentation of the skin, which can be lightened with the help of skin care products containing ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Retinol and Hydroquinone."A genuine scar usually requires professional treatment to affect a significant difference, although diligent moisturisation and protection from the sun can help scars improve somewhat on their own by allowing skin to regenerate," the article advises. It goes on to say that prompt treatment of scar marks can have a bearing on the success of any efforts to remove them completely, even though, it adds: "It's never too late to seek treatment". Causes of stretch marks are also addressed in the article, which cites weight fluctuation as their primary cause, and says "the standard for treatment today is to use a laser". A white scar mark is not beyond treatment, the article goes on to say, with modern ranges of cosmetics offering effective means of concealing them. There are many causes of scars, but for those left behind as a result of surgery, there is an FDA-approved Laser treatment, offered by The Harley Medical Group. The Starlux Fractional Laser has been clinically proven to reduce the redness of scars, alongside stretch marks and improve their appearance. The only approved treatment in the UK, it has minimal downtime. Francesca de Angelis, a leading Cosmetic Surgeon who led the research effort in Italy prior to the treatment launch for the UK, said: Through our ongoing clinical study, and with thousands of satisfied patients treated throughout Italy, we have found that this is the first treatment for stretch marks that truly works.