As the cost of skin care products soars could Non Surgical Treatments offer the results women really want?

17 August 2015

What would you consider to be a beauty splurge: £50, £100, £150? In the market for luxury anti-ageing products you can easily spend ten times that amount on a single pot of moisturiser! Price tags are reaching dizzy new heights – but are these really the miracle products promised by their designer packaging, or would we be better spending our money elsewhere?

Last week, Fortnum & Mason reported sales of moisturisers costing £200 or more have increased by a third. Demand for products costing more than £100 at Liberty has increased by 2,000 per cent in the past five years and John Lewis now stock three times more £200+ face creams than ever before.

A significant amount of women are spending more of the national yearly average on a single product, though they may not be getting their money’s worth. As one cosmetic expert explains, “The problem with the vast majority of these creams is that you don’t know exactly what you’re getting, other than the ‘miracle product’ touted by the manufacturer. Most of them are pitched on one super ingredient with, on the whole, no substantial clinical proof.

They frequently contain similar moisturising ingredients to cheap high street creams with additives that, while perhaps being slightly more expensive to produce, do not necessarily do anything other than hydrate the superficial layers of skin.”

In short, these expensive creams can represent a significant investment without delivering the desired results. So where else can you turn to slow the signs of ageing?

Non Surgical Treatments are medically proven to offer effective anti-ageing solutions. Here’s an overview of some of the treatments you could undergo for less than the price of your average miracle serum.

  • Skin Peel –single treatment prices start at £95

Skin Peels remove the outer layers of dead skin cells from your complexion, revealing smoother, brighter, younger looking skin beneath. The treatment is recommended to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and hyper pigmentation.

  • Botox® - single treatment prices start at £195

Botox® works by relaxing the facial muscles, smoothing out expression lines to create

younger looking skin. The treatment is not permanent, and so repeat injections are recommended for the best results, but Botox® can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Dermal Roller - full face and décolletage course £1,290

The Dermal roller is a micro-needling treatment which stimulates the skin’s natural repair processes and boosts collagen production for a plumper, smoother, brighter complexion. A brilliant anti-ageing treatment the Dermal Roller has a rejuvenating effect on the complexion.

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Image credit: Yanush/ Shutterstock