02 October 2013

Woman in bra and knickers pinching tummy fleshStomach muscle and skin which has been stretched through pregnancy and ageing will not correct itself, meaning that cosmetic surgery is the only viable alternative solution. That's a point made by Sydney, Australia-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Steve Merten, who says that, without cosmetic intervention, many people find themselves unsuccessfully attempting to restore the shape of their tummy through diet and exercise. In a recent blog post, Dr Merten said that tummy tuck procedures are only undertaken after careful examination to determine the patient's exact needs.Depending on the degree of separation of the abdominal muscles, and amount of loose skin to be removed, Dr Merten then determines whether a full or partial tummy tuck is the best solution. While the former allows the maximum amount of excess skin to be removed, the latter requires a shorter incision and does not affect the patient's belly button, he pointed out. Whichever option they choose, "most patients find that their confidence is improved, and they are more comfortable both in and out of clothes" after the procedure, Dr Merten said.