Autumn skincare tips from a Harley nurse of 20 years

01 October 2013

Woman rubbing cream onto faceAs summer becomes a distant memory, it is important to adapt your skincare methods to the season. The Harley Medical Group’s lead nurse Bernadette Harte has been dishing out her top skincare tips for autumn and the colder months of the year. She says it’s easy to forget changes in weather can be the cause of breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles and dull, grey skin.She added: “It’s also easy to think you’re stuck with things like brown spots and other signs of sun damage. But you’re not! I’ve been a cosmetic nurse for over 20 years and here are my top tips for bringing your skin to life.”It’s never too late“The first and most important thing, particularly for sensitive skin, is to wear at least an SPF25+ daily. It helps protect against harmful UV rays (these are around in the winter too unfortunately) and when combined with a rich moisturiser, also helps ward off the drying effects of air conditioning and cold weather. Eye creams are designed to plump up and firm the thin skin around the eyes – try using them across your top lip to reduce those lip lines too!”Skin analysis“This is done using a powerful camera which takes incredibly detailed pictures of your skin’s surface layers. It also analyses its overall condition, giving scores for pore size, texture, spots, sun damage and lines and wrinkles. It provides your qualified and registered nurse the evidence on which to base your individual treatment plan.”Tailor treatments to the condition of your skin“It’s often hard to know exactly what treatments you want. Most people know what they want the results to be (i.e. ‘get rid of my brown spots and wrinkles!’) but don’t know how to achieve it. It’s important to talk to a qualified fully trained medical professional who can assess the condition of your skin, understand your objectives and create a bespoke plan.”The latest laser treatments for pigmentation and sun spots“At The Harley Medical Group we use FDA approved Isolaz – the latest in Intense Pulsed Light treatment and Obagi Blue Peel which also has FDA approval as the most effective solutions for minimising lines and wrinkles, fading brown spots and pigmentation, and encouraging the skin to generate new, healthy cells.”