Benefits of using a facial cleansing brush

28 January 2015

You may have always used your hands to wash your face but now there’s a new tool for the job – and what a job it does! Facial cleansing brushes are recommended by skin experts on account of their many Skin Care benefits.

These include banishing blemishes, reducing the size of pores, thorough cleansing, improving tone and texture, and more effective products.

Facial cleansing brushes gently exfoliate your skin, encouraging it to regenerate and repair more easily. What’s more, regular exfoliation will cleanse your pores, making them less visible. Although not advised to use every day, using a facial cleansing brush with your cleanser has been proven to give you clearer-looking skin.

Fine wrinkles and lines will reduce and become smoother, and you’ll find that your Skin Care products sink into your skin more easily, allowing you to really make the most of their benefits.

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