06 June 2013

Injection into woman's lipPeople will go to great lengths to defy the effect the ageing process has on their skin it does a lot of good to look after it day-to-day, but there are certain things a moisturiser wont give you. Here are some proven innovations that are worth a trip to the dermatologists office.Botulinum ToxinMost commonly known as Botox, this smooths wrinkles by blocking nerve impulses that cause muscle movement and should last about three months at first. When Botox arrived around 2002 a Botox injection usually resulted in a patient being unable to move their eyebrows but now doctors use less of the toxin. After you've used botulinum toxin for a couple of years, it will last closer to six months," says Cheryl Karcher, a New York City dermatologist. And I have some patients who need only yearly touch-ups.Hyaluronic Acid FillerThis acid plumps the skin for hours when applied topically. When injected, it does so for months. It is generally used to soften the lines that can't be smoothed with Botox and to re-plump the contours of the face that gradually lose definition such as the cheekbones. If the outcome is not what a patient is after, they will be glad to know the effects can be immediately reversed.Fractional Nonablative LaserThis process uses pixelated beams of light to boost collagen, smooth wrinkles, and in some cases break up pigment beneath the skin. In the past, other methods would have left patients with swelling or red skin. With this laser they need not worry.Chemical PeelIn this process an acid solution is painted on the skin to lift away upper layers. The result is smoother skin, less discolouration and it can even help tighten your face. If you want a glow for a few days, a glycolic peel is your best bet. To reduce breakouts, try a series of salicylic acid peels.