30 October 2013

Older woman looking in mirrorA beauty writer has blogged about her experiences of undergoing leading skin peel treatment Obagi, and the dramatic effects it's had on her skin. Jennifer Coleman wrote about how, frustrated by the onset of acne in late 2010, she turned to a dermatologist. However, initial-suggested treatment solutions merely made her skin feel "painfully dry and leathery", she said.After seeking further help, Ms Coleman was recommended a Chemical Peel, in conjunction with products from the Obagi NuDerm Skincare System to use at home. Pleased with the skin peel, her happiness increased when she started using Obagi, especially as it is specifically recommended for addressing acne and hyper-pigmentation, which were Jennifer's main problems. After gradually increasing the amount of product used to help her skin steadily adjust to them she later reported: "I can't even begin to tell you how amazing my results were. "Skincare is such a personalised solution, but my skin tends to leave dark marks after I have an acne breakout and the Obagi system has helped tremendously in clearing up these marks."