28 January 2014

InjectionBeauty Director Joanna McGarry who had her first anti-Line & Wrinkle treatment just after she turned 30 has written on a well-known fashion and beauty website that her feminist principles won't deter her from going back for more. Writing on NeverUnderdressed.com, Joanna McGarry said she found that the treatment was effective in discreetly softening out lines on her forehead.However, it was only when she started to tell people she had undergone the treatment that McGarry says she started to get a mixed bag of responses from other people. She describes the "cavalcade of delicately negative responses" which followed her admission as demonstrating how the subject of Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical treatments "totally polarises women". But, says McGarry, the most common-sense view of the treatment she found was that of writer India Knight, whose comments in her recent novel, Mutton: "You could argue that vanity is nothing more than an expression of self-respect. You know, 'I could look like shoe leather but I'd rather not'," chimed with her combined views on feminism and her pragmatism. She added: "Choice is at the heart of feminism. Women should be credited with enough intelligence to have made an informed decision to do something which in some way enhances their appearance without being scolded, chastised or condescended to".