28 March 2011

Experts have advised consumers who have tried a variety of wrinkle creams without success to consider having Botox injections. In an interview with MSNBC.com, cosmetic dermatologist Dennis Gross, who practices in New York City, said: If you begin using Botox or other freezers as soon as you notice subtle expression lines and continue as you age, you can absolutely prevent certain wrinkles from forming. Patricia Wexler, associate clinic professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine agrees: Even in your 30s, you usually end up with 100 percent smoothing, she said. The experts agree that Botox can be used to prevent ageing lines and wrinkles and reduce their visibility on those who choose to undergo the treatment later in life, but consumers should consult the IHAS (Independent Healthcare Advisory Service) Treatments You Can Trust register, to find a reputable practitioner.