13 May 2009

Lacey Turner, known to soap fans across the UK as Stacey in EastEnders, has urged women to opt for a breast enlargement if they feel it will give them a confidence boost.Turner hit headlines in 2007 when she received breast implants costing nearly 4000 for her 19th birthday. Now, the 21 year old has said that she is pleased with her curvy shape and is not a fan of exercise. Turner, who has played Albert Square's Stacey since 2004, said: "Going to the gym is boring. Who wants to exercise? I can't be bothered. "I'd love to be one of those people born with a curvy, toned figure, but I'm happy with my shape. I don't really care. And I wouldn't like to be stick thin." She added: "I'm a terrible eater. I don't eat fruit or vegetables, so I don't have a very good diet. Nando's has just opened near the EastEnders set and I'm in there every day!" While her comments may come to the chagrin of nutritionists and dieticians the world over, her expression of happiness with her body is sure to be a boost for women. In recent weeks, speculation has been rife that Lacey Turner could be one of many women being considered to play the role of Jade Goody in a West End musical of the reality TV star's life. Goody, who died in March 2009, also praised the ability of cosmetic surgery to boost confidence levels and, like Turner, underwent a breast augmentation procedure. Speaking to The Independent last year, she said: "Plastic surgery is a great solution to low self-esteem. But you shouldn't overdo it. I've had my boobs done, but that's it."