19 April 2012

An Illinois-based plastic surgeon has said he is unsurprised by the results of new research which have pointed to a high rate of patient satisfaction among women who have undergone breast reduction surgery. A report published in the March issue of the online journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery said patients had later pointed to a range of improvements in their health. While some women said that following an operation they had experienced fewer headaches and better breathing, others pointed to improved sleeping patterns and reduced musculoskeletal pain.Dr Jose Rios, who works out of the Rios & Lapinski Plastic Surgery and Dermatologic Institute in Illinois, said he has received similar feedback from his own patients. He said: "Not only can big breasts be extremely uncomfortable, causing neck and back pain, but women often find it difficult to find clothing that fits correctly. And, the stares and comments that often go along with the condition are hard on a woman's self-esteem." Dr Rios said following surgery women were often able to improve their own health by taking part in physical exercise, something they may have shied away from previously due to discomfort and pain.