19 June 2012

A woman whose breast grew as a result of treatment for HIV, has had breast reduction surgery to ease the pain of having an overly large chest. The patient, who is currently recovering from the plastic surgery procedure in Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Johannesburg, was the victim of adverse side effects of the medication she was taking to treat her HIV.The 29-year-old received the surgery after the South African health minister, Arron Motsoaledi, ordered that she be helped, having lived with the condition for a number of years. She was delayed the treatment as the condition was not considered to be life threatening, despite the fact that she couldnt walk for two years as a result of her condition. Prior to the operation, the hospitals head of plastic surgery, Elias Ndobe, said: We are going to run a series of tests and X-rays and get other specialists, physicians and [a] psychologist to have a look at her to prepare her for an eventual operation. The operation is straightforward as it's a bilateral breast reduction. But we need to know exactly what is wrong with her before operating on her".