Breast tissue is oldest in the body, new research suggests

31 October 2013

bra sizeBad news for women who might think that their boobs are their best feature comes in the shape of new research from America, which suggests that the tissue which goes into making them is likely to be the oldest in their body. According to an American geneticist, the raw materials which form a woman's breasts are "about two to three years older than the rest of a woman's body". The finding was made by Dr Steve Horvarth, and has prompted leading cosmetic surgeons to make the case for a number of procedures which can help prevent breasts showing signs of aging more quickly than other parts of a woman's body."An even texture and tone on the chest is also imperative if you want to keep the bust looking young," said renowned New York-based cosmetic surgery consultant Dr Wendy Lewis. "We forget that anti-ageing shouldn't stop at the chin, it goes beyond - so many of us even forget to take our sun cream down to beyond our faces," says Dr Lewis. She suggests using Botox or fillers to smooth out vertical lines on the bust line which result from ageing, but also the use of a Dermaroller and Skin Peels to help transform the look of ageing skin in this region.