07 November 2013

Woman walking away from camera down red carpetDramatic changes to her look ensured that Bridget Jones star Renee Zellweger got plenty of attention as she stepped out in California this week for a film premiere. Her slimmer face and smoother skin prompted some onlookers and celebrity-watchers to marvel at her appearance. And the fact that she wore a bare minimum of make-up focused the crowds' attention on the 44-year-old's smooth, wrinkle-free skin and slimmer-looking face.Many, including the Irish Examiner, noted that she had lost her famously rounded cheeks, and was "looking like a completely different person from how she looked in 2002", just after the release of the first Bridget Jones film which propelled her to international stardom. Zellweger famously gained a substantial amount of weight to play that breakthrough role, but has had to endure regular speculation about the methods she uses to maintain her looks. Rumours that the 44-year-old had undergone cosmetic surgery in a bid to make her face and prominent features slimmer were quashed, with cosmetic surgeons attributing Zellweger's slimmer face to weight loss. It has been suggested, however, that she may have used non-surgical methods such as Line and Wrinkle Treatments and Skin Peels to help her complexion stay clear and smooth. Despite this, Dr Barry M Weintraub, a national spokesman for the American Board of Plastic Surgery, said in the Irish Examiner that he didn't believe she has had any significant procedures. "It does not appear that she had a Blepharoplasty [eyelid lift], as she still has some hooding on the upper eyelid, although fat or fillers can be conservatively put into the upper eyelid [just below the brow] to give the appearance of 'bedroom eyes'," he said. Another specialist, cosmetic surgeon Dr Yael Halaas, believes that she has maintained her youthful-looking skin by the use of "more superficial and attainable procedures", such as those described by Dr Weintraub.