18 March 2014

Cosmetic surgeons with a patientWith the number of graduates rising, and white-collar jobs suitable for them once they leave university falling, Chinese students fresh out of university are turning increasingly to Cosmetic Surgery in an effort to give themselves an edge in this increasingly competitive market. With just over one in three graduates managing to get a job two months before their graduation a third fewer than in the previous year students in one city in particular are setting out to enhance their looks in the hope that it will do the same for their employment prospects.In Chongqing, The-japan-news.com, reports, many students are spending more than three times their typical monthly income on Blepharoplasty procedures involving putting a fold in their eyelids to try to look their best at job interviews. Their anxiety to secure a job is reflected in an increasingly imbalanced job market, with commentators unsure whether the national government can achieve its target of creating 10 million new posts in urban areas for these well-qualified candidates by the end of this year. "As the number of university graduates has risen, white-collar jobs and similar jobs are not keeping pace with their desires and expectations," the website reported. - Are you in sympathy with anyone who has Cosmetic Surgery to help them get ahead professionally? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook.