02 September 2013

Woman with long fringeMany women live with a hair colour which makes them look older than their years but a blogger has put out five tips which she advises them to consider to help them keep their hair looking in tune with their age. Lois Joy Johnson, writing for AARP, an American organisation dedicated to offering practical help to people aged over 50, spoke to top New York stylist Eva Scrivo, who said updating hair to make it fit the wearer's age wasn't a DIY project yet, when done correctly, it can help disguise certain skin conditions, such as pigmentation and rosacea. "Hair colour that washes you out, looks too fake or too dark adds years to your looks and emphasises wrinkles and pigmentation issues," says Scrivo.She urges 50-plus women to make sure that their salon uses a colouring brand designed specifically for older women's hair as well as making any changes to their colour slowly. "A gradual transformation over several salon visits is safer for your hair and lets you get used to and control the degree of change," says Scrivo. Careful use of highlights and lowlights can make thinning hair seem fuller, she adds, while severe, straight partings can also help the cost-conscious need fewer salon appointments.