Cosmetic Surgeon discusses criteria for attractiveness

Cosmetic Surgeon discusses criteria for attractiveness

5 February 2015

Have you ever wondered how similar features can make one person look so attractive and another less so? According to Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Michael Vennemeyer, it’s all to do with the four attractiveness factors.

He explains that there are four criteria by which we can judge how attractive someone is. These are symmetry, youthfulness, gender-specific traits and proportion.

While no-one is perfectly symmetrical, studies have shown that those with more symmetrical features are generally rated as more attractive. Similarly, there are certain ratios which have an effect on attractiveness such as the waist to hip ratio for women. Men with strong, square jawlines are often seen as attractive while women tend to be deemed more attractive if they have large childlike eyes and smaller facial features.

When it comes to Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Vennemeyer says he uses these four factors to help his patients understand which changes will enhance their appearance and which changes may look a little unnatural.

He uses the example of Rhinoplasty surgery (Nose Reshaping surgery): “Women should have a feminine appearing nose and men have a masculine appearing nose (gender-specific traits). Another ingredient is making sure that overall facial balance is present at the end of the procedure (proportion).”

When it comes to remaining young-looking, Non Invasive solutions such as Line & Wrinkle treatment and Dermal Fillers are recommended to provide natural looking results. However the Cosmetic Surgeon urges prospective patients to do their research thoroughly and choose someone who specialises in their chosen treatment.

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