Cosmetic Surgeon talks benefits of Neck Lift surgery

15 January 2015

When it comes to Anti-Ageing, many people think only of their face and neglect to recognise that the appearance of your neck can also betray your true age. St Louis based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Jeffry Copeland explains the benefits of Neck Lift surgery.

Exercise and diet alone cannot do anything for an ageing neck. Over time, your skin and the muscles will lose elasticity and fat deposits may develop. Neck Lift surgery can help to address these issues, rejuvenating the appearance of your neck and making you look younger.

Additionally, Dr Copeland notes: “[Neck Lift surgery has] the potential to contour the jawline and diminish the appearance of a double-chin. Neck Lift surgery alone cannot remove excess fat; however, when combined with facial liposuction, fatty deposits that contribute to a softened jawline typically can be eliminated.”

When asked about the typical Neck Lift candidate, the Cosmetic Surgeon explained that the following may be specified as requirements for surgery:

  • Lax neck muscles
  • Excess skin along the neck
  • Neck banding (platysmal bands)

He stressed that consultation prior to surgery is essential to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for Neck Lift surgery.

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