Cosmetic Surgery helps Chinese students nose ahead in jobs race

25 November 2013

Group of Chinese peope under magnifying glassIf we thought the jobs market for graduates in the UK was tough, the hurdles many have to jump through to impress a potential employer are nothing compared with those facing their counterparts in China. Here, many job ads specify that the successful candidate must be attractive-looking, and it's even legitimate for employers to specify a minimum height for applicants. These tough requirements, coupled with the prospect of competing with as many as seven million new graduates this year, are prompting many of those looking for a sought-after white-collar job to turn to Cosmetic Surgery to boost their chances of success.In the southern city of Chongqing, one practice is hoping to capitalise on the trend, by advertising its Cosmetic Surgeon's Rhinoplasty work – and comparing the graceful slope of the nose of one of his patients with that of the famous Paris landmark, the Eiffel Tower. "We don't just add to the nose, but rebuild it," Wang told the AFP news agency, adding that he performs around a dozen such operations each month. "Some students face a lot of employment pressure after graduation, if their facial features are good, they'll have more chance of finding a job," he added.