15 July 2009

Cosmetic surgery is often thought of as primarily a means by which to reverse the physical signs of aging these days. However, cosmetic treatments are chosen for a wide number of reasons.Many people choose cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedures not in answer to the aging process but as a way to boost their confidence or change things about their body that has had a negative impact on their self esteem. Because of this, there appears to be a rise in the number of young people choosing to undergo these procedures. The overall perception of cosmetic surgery has shifted worldwide over the last few years, largely due to the influence of celebrities who have had treatments done. A number of Hollywood stars are increasingly open about any cosmetic procedures they've received, an attitude of acceptance that has altered the view of the general public. Several recent surveys have indicated an increasing trend in young people thinking it is acceptable to undergo plastic surgery. For example, a study in Korea found that a third of college students would consider plastic surgery. According to the Korea Times, the poll was conducted by online job portal Career and discovered that an overwhelming majority of the respondents said that they saw nothing shameful in admitting to cosmetic procedures. Additionally, an Australian study of young people also found that a high percentage were contemplating cosmetic surgery. The report, from marketing trends consultancy group Lifelong Trends, revealed that almost a quarter of the young Australians surveyed would consider cosmetic surgery. Other demographic groups seeing rising rates in cosmetic surgery procedures include men and city workers. This is partly due to the current economic situation, which has created a pressurised job market and forced many people to reflect on the benefits of having a fresh appearance at interviews in an attempt to get ahead.