25 January 2011

Cosmetic surgery allows men and women to avoid the inevitable ageing affects of their genes. In an interview with the Daily Mail online, plastic surgeon John Pereira, said: “People say if you want to know what your wife will look like in 25 years, look at her mother, and that’s pretty much true when it comes to how the structure of the face will change with time”. Paul Banwell, a consultant surgeon, agrees: “It’s possible up to 50 per cent of ageing may be inherited from your mother or father”. Both experts admitted that lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, and spending a lot of time in the sun, are factors in the ageing process, and that altering these elements could help you to slow down the effects of time. But it seems that the only way to reverse this process and to combat the genetic effects of age is to consider cosmetic surgery procedures, such face lifts, or non-surgical solutions, such as dermal fillers.