Could your computer screen be ageing you?

7 January 2015

Hands up if you’ve noticed a change in the condition of your skin since you started working? Now keep your hands up if you work in front of a computer screen. Research has shown that those who spend long periods in front of a bright screen may experience premature ageing.

According to New-York based Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, the more modern your computer, the better. She said: “These days, it’s not very dangerous at all. Most people work off newer models, with LCD or LED screens, which do not emit UV radiation and are completely safe.”

So far so good - but what about those of you working from older computers? There is a way in which you can protect your skin from the harmful UV radiation emitted by computer screens: Sunscreen. Daily application of sunscreen will help to shield your skin from the UV rays from your computer screen, as well as from any sunlight streaming in through your office window.

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