Dehydrated skin? Here’s how to fix it!

19 July 2016

Dehydrated skin? Here’s how to fix it!

Do you suffer from dehydrated skin? If your skin is looking a little lacklustre and dry, we’ve got some great solutions.

  • Is dehydrated skin common?

While a common skin condition, it can be difficult to spot dehydrated skin – with many mistaking it for oily skin. That’s because the more dehydrated your skin is, the more oil your sebaceous glands will produce in an effort to combat it. If you think your skin may be dry and dehydrated, follow the tips below.

  • Don’t just drink water…eat it!

In addition to drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, it’s important to increase your intake of water-rich foods such as tomatoes and cucumber. That’s because water-bearing vegetables take longer to be absorbed by the body, which makes the cell rehydration process more effective.

  • Invest in a mist hydrating spray

If your skin is feeling a little on the tight side (common if you work in an air-conditioned office), we recommend regularly spritzing with a mist hydrating spray. This will help replenish the water your skin has lost, keeping your complexion glowing.

  • Increase your intake of fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are crucial for strengthening skin cell membranes, helping your skin to hold on to water and remain hydrated. Look out for Omega 3 tablets or eat more oily fish such as tuna and salmon.

  • Apply hyaluronic acid

The wonder product of all skin care, incorporating hyaluronic acid into your daily regime is vital to fix dehydration woes. As hyaluronic acid can carry 1000 times its weight in water, it’s a great way to boost hydration fast. Use it day and night after cleansing your face.


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