21 April 2010

Demi Moore has ignited much debate after revealing that she has undergone cosmetic surgery, keeping fans and the media guessing as to her age-defying secrets. The 47-year-old star told Elle magazine she "had work done but not on my face." However, cosmetic surgeons are not so sure."I personally think she must have, but I cant prove it," said surgeon Dr Larry Koplin, who believes Demi's youthful appearance could be partly thanks to non surgical treatments. "As a 47-year-old, she would be defying all laws of nature by looking so good without true surgery, but she certainly could have had a perfect combination of good genes, good fillers (such as Restylane or Juviderm), good skin care and Botox." Another surgeon, Dr Ashklan Ghavami, agreed with Dr Koplin that Demi "may have at least had Botox for her forehead lines, crows feet and to shape her brows, fillers of some sort for her laugh lines and to plump her cheeks." However, the surgeon also believes Demi may have had more invasive plastic surgery to her face, stating: "It is also possible, that she had a brow lift or at least had some of the brow muscles removed. Upper and lower eyelid surgery may explain some of the changes of her eyelids, although Botox can do that as well." Whether Demi was telling a white lie about not having surgery to her face, or if her great looks are really down to good genes and skin care, the Hollywood star is still going strong with roles in a number of current films, including the comedy drama The Joneses.