Dermaroller recommended as Anti-Ageing alternative to Line & Wrinkle treatment

14 July 2014

With skin creams and Botox treatments galore, there’s a variety of tricks and techniques to help keep those dreaded wrinkles at bay: Dermaroller treatment, anyone?A treatment that’s proving a huge hit across the globe, many clinics and salons are offering Micro-Needling Mesotherapy (also known as Dermaroller) as an alternative to Botox – with founder of The Cure Beauty Spas in Dubai, Nadia Ivanova-Briggs, noting a considerable boost in women requesting the treatment. “We decided to add micro-needling mesotherapy because it is in high demand in the beauty facial industry because it is a non-invasive way to improve your skin, fight ageing and improve the complexion,” explained Ivanova-Briggs. “It is quite popular among all women regardless of age as it solves different issues based on the cocktail of serums [vitamins, collagen, etc] used.” Invented by US-based Dr Joseph Greco, Dermaroller treatment involves the use of a roller set with 300 microscopic needles – which then runs over the face, with collagen and vitamin C applied to smooth the skin. Reportedly stimulating collagen production, the Dermaroller method actually boosts the remoulding of the skin. A typical session lasts for an hour, while the micro-needling itself takes between 10 to 15 minutes. Applied to the face, neck and décolletage, many people notice a significant difference straight away – especially where fine lines and smile lines are concerned. Have you given Dermaroller treatment a go? If so, would you recommend it? Share your experiences on our Twitter page now!