Dermatologist discusses worrying rise in Adult Acne

Dermatologist discusses worrying rise in Adult Acne

19 January 2016

We expect the odd bout of pimples in our teenage years but surely once we get to adulthood the unwanted breakouts stop? Actually no – contrary to popular belief, Adult Acne is suffered by many with the number of people affected by the skin condition rising every year. So much so that experts are calling it an ‘epidemic’ and believe it is being caused mainly by poor diet and mounting stress.

According to a study of nearly 100 private dermatology clinics, the number of patients seeking treatment for Adult Acne rose by 200 per cent last year. So what should you be aware of when it comes to this condition?

Women are more likely than men to suffer

Adult Acne is suffered by five times more women than men, and is mainly brought on due to a combination of fluctuating hormones during pregnancy, some forms of contraception, and the menstrual cycle.

Celebrities suffer too!

Believe it or not, the likes of Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham have suffered from Adult Acne.

Is our obsession with looking young to blame?

While stress and poor diet are cited as the main factors which have contributed to the rise in Adult Acne sufferers, one Dermatologist also believes it’s down to our obsession with Anti-Ageing.

She said: “Apart from genetics, diet, changes in hormones and stress, choosing the wrong skincare is having a big influence. Those in their thirties or forties who start to see lines and wrinkles begin investing in anti-ageing skincare regimes.

“These creams can be very rich and overload the skin and cause acne, in acne-prone individuals.”

Stress plays a major role

Our bodies produce the hormone cortisol during stressful periods, which is known to contribute to unwanted breakouts. With many people now juggling full time work while raising young children, as well as unemployment stress and other pressures at home and work, it is a likely reason behind the rise in the number of people suffering from Adult Acne.

Effects are not just physical

Unfortunately for Adult Acne sufferers, the effects are not solely physical – with up to 95 per cent of those affected claiming that the condition impacts their daily lives. For 63 per cent, their self-confidence is lowered.

Your diet could be to blame

For some sufferers, making a few changes to their diet can dramatically improve the appearance of their skin and lead to fewer breakouts. Foods containing gluten, caffeine, sugar, dairy and peanuts have all been linked to an increase in sebum production, which in turn causes Acne.

There are treatments which can help

If you suffer from Adult Acne there are treatments which can help reduce redness and inflammation as well as reduce the appearance of scars. These include Skin Peels, Medical Microdermabrasion and Laser treatments. Book a consultation with one of our experts who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

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