28 August 2014

Skin Care products fully tailored to your skin will be available to buy sooner than you think � and it�s all thanks to biotech firms who have found a nifty solution to our Skin Care woes. Research and experimentation has awarded these firms the ability to fully analyse individual cells, to work out how good each person�s body is at retaining collagen as they age. The more collagen present in the patient�s body, the fewer wrinkles they will develop. A test is currently being developed to analyse DNA on the spot � by taking a sample of saliva, the DNA data will be transferred to a microchip, which will then determine the amount of collagen present. It is thought that with this information, Skin Care experts will soon be able to give advice as to specific products that are tailored to a patient�s DNA � so what we put on our skin will be exactly what it needs. What are your feelings on this exciting new development? Send us a tweet with your thoughts.