14 December 2009

Recently we did a little research at the Harley Medical Group and we found out that in the UK lots of people like to keep quiet about the fact that they've had cosmetic surgery. I was actually quite surprised by how many people like to keep mum about it, but then I suppose I obviously work somewhere where we're very open when it comes to talking about these things!I guess I can understand that people might not feel the need to tell their work colleagues and I would say that it's definitely still easier for women to talk about the cosmetic work they've had done than men. However, it's good to see that this is a trend that's on the mend as more and more men become comfortable talking about such things. The thing that really made me drop my jaw though was the amount of people that said they kept cosmetic surgery secret from their families. One in five people said they didn't let on that'd they'd had a treatment! That seems like it would be a hard secret to keep if you ask me, although I suppose if you didn't see your family very often it would be easier. We also found out that lots of people thought they'd keep their procedures to themselves, but then found themselves unable to keep the secret once they actually went through with their surgery and wanted to show off the results. I reckon that would be my downfall too, I love showing off the latest treatment I've tried to my friends. I suppose that, seeing as less than a third of women chose not to tell their close friends, that makes me pretty normal! Telling people about what you've had done is always your own choice and the fact that so many people keep it to themselves only goes to show how many people are choosing natural looking treatments such as discreet breast enlargements and facelifts or non surgical treatments. After all, there are some changes that are just too drastic to hide!