07 March 2014

Dark skinned beautiful womanThe forecast's looking (mostly) set to be fair for the weekend, and later this month we have the arrival of British Summer Time so now's the time for people to review their skincare regime according to a leading health news website Dr George Bitar, who runs Cosmetic Surgery practices in Virginia, USA, has provided a six-point plan to ensure that your skin is ready for the arrival of spring. He advocates:- Throwing out old sun protection products and buying new: After a year, they begin to lose their effectiveness. The same applies to old make-up and other skincare products, whether or not they have an SPF. - Staying stocked up on sunscreen: UV rays are present all year round, and spring is an appropriate time to either replace existing stocks or buy more. - Switch to oil-free beauty products: There's less need to try to keep the skin's oils locked in as the weather improves, and oil-free products won't clog the pores. - Exfoliate thoroughly: This is important for promoting regular turnover of skin cells, and is recommended once to three times a week on the face, depending on your skin type. - Keep up the water intake: You should aim to half the amount in fluid ounces of your body weight in pounds. People who exercise regularly, or when they are ill or pregnant, should increase their water consumption. - Turn down the temperature in the shower: Taking a warm, rather than hot, shower helps the skin retain moisture, and applying moisturiser immediately afterwards, while the skin is still damp, will also make it work more effectively. "Before experimenting on yourself with a wide range of products that could be irritating to your skin, meet with a Dermatologist who can create a custom skin care regimen," Dr Bitar recommended. A skin consultation can also help to identify an appropriate solution for any conditions, such as Acne. Patients will be advised on the benefits of Non-Invasive solutions such as Skin Peels to treat uneven skin pigmentation and blemishes, and micro-needling Dermaroller to minimise the appearance of Acne scars. - How will you overhaul your beauty regime for spring? Let us know on Facebook.