05 August 2014

Just as many tend to see the good as opposed to the bad in things, the same can be said about the sun with the majority of people more likely to appreciate a long-lasting tan in contrast to potential sunburn. However, one person had their mindset changed after visiting a medical clinic in Dublin with writer for The Irish Times, Ruth OConnor, surprised by the results of her skin. Medical Director of the clinic, Dr Peter Prendergast, used 3D imaging technology whereby photos were taken of Ruths face and neck without makeup to show her conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation and Sun Damage. While she was initially dismissive about the effects of burning, the photos showed that she had experienced significant damage to make her reconsider the benefits of applying sunscreen as part of her morning makeup routine. Tanning and freckling are the skins way of protecting you, explained Prendergast. With ageing the skin changes: we develop lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and laxity in the skin. Sun damage is a contributory factor to all of these. Dr Prendergast strongly advises people to protect themselves daily with sunscreen minimum factor 30 from both UVA rays and UVB rays; which contribute to skin ageing and cause cancer respectively. So whats the best form of defence? Prendergast recommends Lasers as a viable form of treatment due to their precision: The gold standard is CO2 laser or fractional CO2, which uses a scanner to scan across the face and peels thousands and thousands of tiny little dots leaving space between the dots, and so the risk of complications is lower and the recovery time is quicker. How many of you wear sunscreen underneath your makeup? Do you take extra precautions when in the sun? Tell us your thoughts on our Twitter page now!