21 October 2013

Beautiful woman in profileA number of top cosmetic surgery experts have been brought together by leading news website Huffingtonpost.com to respond to women's questions relating to the effects of ageing on their bodies. They tackled a wide range of topics, but among the most commonly asked about were the following: - Facial hair: Extra hair can sometimes appear on a woman's chin or upper lip due to fluctuations in hormones, says Dr Ranella Hirsch, a past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery.She says a laser treatment which disrupts the production of melanin, the substance which gives the hair its dark appearance is an effective treatment method. Threading, whereby individual hairs are pulled out by the root, is also suggested.- Changes in facial appearance: Loss of fat and tissue in our faces is common as we age, says Dr Hirsch, who adds that even patients who look fine report to her that they feel gaunt. This is often caused by a loss of tissue in the temple area, which Dr Hirsch addresses by using soft tissue fillers. Alternatively, products containing hyaluronic acid, available from chemists' stores, may also 'plump' the tissue around the eye area. - Change in breast shape: Apart from wearing a more supportive bra as they get older, Dr Ellen S Marmur, vice-chair of cosmetic and dermatologic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, suggests having implants. However, she stresses that these may eventually need to be replaced, and this is a good time to consider a face lift, as this will address the problem of sagging, ageing skin.