Elle Macpherson reveals biggest skin regret

Elle Macpherson reveals biggest skin regret

4 February 2015

Supermodel Elle Macpherson never looks short of stunning – but the 50-year-old has spoken out about her biggest skin regret; failing to apply sunscreen.

Neglecting to apply sunscreen regularly during her younger years led to her developing freckles on her skin. She said: “My greatest regret from when I was younger was that I didn’t protect my skin from the sun – even though I think I look better with a tan.”

Nowadays, she’s a strong advocate of Skin Care in general, taking the time every day to maintain her strict regime.

The supermodel has “really dry skin”, which makes it even more important to keep it moisturised and hydrated.

“These days, it’s all about stripping back the skin and re-moisturising it because I have really dry skin.

“If I don’t exfoliate in the morning, I’ll clean my face at night and exfoliate everything gently so that my skin is really soft,” she added.

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