12 December 2013

Non celebrity and paparazziFormer gossip column journalist Kit Miller spent time of the 1980s following some of the most glamorous celebrities around the world. But when the 64-year-old's wife of 22 years left him, claiming he was 'too old', his response was to seek out the services of an expert Cosmetic Surgeon. He tells Kay Goddard in an article for today's Daily Express: "I was shocked when out of the blue in July she announced that she wanted to separate [because] I was 'too old, too ill and too broke'."But Miller describes how, over just a few months, he has bounced back, first by having a screenplay accepted by a New York film producer, then undergoing a kidney transplant to tackle a long-term health issue, and finally having a series of Cosmetic Surgery procedures. These have included Lower Face and Neck Lifts. A few months later, and after a handful of follow-up checks, including a course of Line and Wrinkle Reduction treatment "for the final touches", Miller professes to being "thrilled" with the results. "Now I look in the mirror and see the man I knew 20 years ago. The rejuvenation has inspired me to look after myself more," he says in the article.