Fabulous at 50! Bikini sales up as women’s body confidence soars

Fabulous at 50! Bikini sales up as women’s body confidence soars

13 July 2015

It began with the ‘dad-bod’, a term first coined after some candid holiday photos of a slightly-chubbier-than-expected Leonardo DiCaprio surfaced online.  But rather than fat shaming, as you might expect from the media, the term was used to celebrate a real male body – and it’s started something of a pro-ageing trend.

The ‘mom-bod’ quickly followed and, with a host of positive celebrity role models, it seems body confidence among women in their 50s is now at an all-time high.

A recent study found women aged 50 and over are more confident than ever before! 94% of the ladies surveyed revealed they feel younger than their years and the majority also said their self-esteem was better than it has ever been.

Such positive news is reflected in the peak in bikini sales among the age group this summer. More women than in recent years are proudly taking to the beach in a two piece this holiday season and famous faces like Emma Thompson, Julianne Moore and Helen Mirren are being credited as their inspiration. The actresses have all been photographed looking happy and confident in their swim wear - so could we finally be turning a pro-ageing corner? Let’s hope so, because there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin!

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Image credit: Rob Bayer/ Shutterstock