Fabulous at 50? Follow these tips!

Fabulous at 50? Follow these tips!

23 April 2015

Turning 50 has never been so exciting – and it’s all down to the youthful-looking celebs rocking the look. The likes of Sandra Bullock and Courteney Cox are what have made the big 5.0 so popular. While we every day humans don’t have access to personal trainers and stylists, there are some easy tips you can follow to look and feel fabulous at 50.

  • Hide fine lines and wrinkles with a smoky eye teamed with pale lipstick.
  • Overhaul your makeup bag, opting for neutral, matte shades for a natural glow.
  • Avoid heavy foundations – switch to tinted moisturiser to keep your hydration levels up.
  • Moisturise as often as you can to prevent dry skin, which can contribute to ageing.
  • Botox and Skin Peels can help to reduce signs of ageing while still leaving you looking natural.
  • Silk pillowcases are kinder to your skin, keeping those wrinkles at bay for longer.
  • Pay attention to your hands – they’re an age giveaway so keep them moisturised daily.
  • Exfoliate weekly to remove any build-up of dry, dead skin cells.
  • Don’t feel pressured to chop off your long hair – as long as it’s in good condition, embrace those locks.
  • Dress to suit your shape. It may be tempting to go for the latest trends but by flattering your figure you’ll feel and look a million dollars.
  • Ditch the diet – sudden weight loss can make you look haggard. Instead focus on upping your intake of fruit and vegetables and decreasing your intake of sugar.
  • Get plenty of beauty sleep to offset any stress and protect your immune system.
  • Get moving – regular exercise will keep you fit and feeling great.
  • Feed yourself with Anti-Ageing oily fish and avocados.
  • Keep drinking water! It’ll flush away the toxins and keep your skin looking smooth, supple and youthful.

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Image Credit Attribution: tetmc/ iStock/ Thinkstock