03 April 2012

A leading cosmetic specialist has stressed the importance of leaving enough time between having facial rejuvenation treatments and attending a big event. Florida-based plastic surgeon Dr Anita Mandal, said anyone considering a procedure before a special event should bear in mind that different treatments have different recovery times.According to Dr Mandal, Botox injections to combat wrinkles in the upper face or around the eyes can be given just two weeks before, although some patients having the injectable treatment for the first time may need slightly longer. Writing in the Palm Beach Post, the doctor said dermal filler treatments can be used to help tackle issues such as lines on the forehead and crow's feet, and can also give volume and definition to top lips. These procedures are usually given two to four weeks before. However, Dr Mandal stressed the importance of seeking professional advice in advance. She said: "Which procedures you should have and how far in advance you should have them prior to a special event is best determined by your plastic surgeon who can tailor recommendations to your individual needs." See the original story here: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/health/timing-your-procedure-for-a-special-occasion-2278818.html