23 February 2010

New research has revealed that mothers and daughters who have similar facial features will also tend to age in similar ways. This knowledge could be useful in helping younger women plan cosmetic surgery. The study of 40 mother and daughter pairs with similar facial features was carried out by the Plastic Surgery Research Team at Loma Linda University Medical Center in the United States.Using sophisticated 3D cameras and computer modelling, the researchers discovered that not only did the mothers and daughters look similar, but their skin also showed the signs of ageing in identical ways - particularly with regard to volume loss in the lower eyelid and loss of skin elasticity. According to PR Log, this research could be beneficial in helping cosmetic surgeons pinpoint the areas that are most likely to be affected by ageing, when patients are looking to restore volume with minimally invasive treatments such as dermal fillers. The research department's chairman, Dr Subhas Gupta, said this information would be particularly useful for women between their mid 30s and 50s, when such treatments are ideal for maintaining a youthful appearance. He also advised women to hold on to their looks by eating healthy, protecting themselves from excessive UV rays and not smoking. When patients have a clear idea of how their face is likely to age over the next few decades, they can plan the most effective cosmetic surgery treatments to hold back the years.