Five Anti-Ageing tips for hands

Five Anti-Ageing tips for hands

20 January 2015

You may focus all of your Anti-Ageing efforts on your face but it’s really important not to neglect your hands. Over time the skin on your hands loses its elasticity, which has an ageing effect. So follow these five tips to keep your hands looking as young as the rest of your body.

  • TLC

Showing your hands a bit of extra love can work out great in the long run. Many people swear by homemade exfoliators. Mix yours up with some sea salt and lemon and apply to your skin to slough away the dead cells. Almond oil contains vitamin E which is an effective prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Protection

Life can take its toll on your hands but there are a few things you can do to protect that delicate skin. Keep your hands well moisturised, applying SPF to prevent further ageing. You should also make sure you wear rubber gloves when washing up or cleaning your house to protect your hands from wear and tear.

  • Massage

Hand massages can be relaxing as well as Anti-Ageing. By increasing the blood flow, your skin will look healthy and younger – use warm olive oil to add a moisturising boost.

  • Nutrition

There’s not always time for a weekly manicure but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from ragged cuticles and discoloured nails. Keep those nails healthy by eating a well-balanced diet packed with anti-oxidant containing fruit and vegetables. Opt for berries, nuts and dark green vegetables and you’ll soon notice a difference.

  • Treatment

There are also many Anti-Ageing treatments which are effective on hands. Dermal Fillers, Line & Wrinkle treatment and Laser Resurfacing are all proven solutions to plump up the skin on your hands, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and get rid of age spots.


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